Do you require a water supply on your property?

Slade Ag Tech personnel have the expertise to advise on Dam site selection, Type of dam suitable for site, Local and State Government legislation requirements, potential water resources, dam design, tender process and project management.

Site Inspection
To determine the size and type of proposed dam and the suitability of the topography for the proposed dam.

Concept Design for Water Requirements
To assess the proposed development of the property and the volume of water required and the potential for the development of a suitable water storage system.

Local & State Agency Regulations & Requirements
Liaise with local and state agencies for the legal requirements to develop the water supply.

Site Investigation
Require a property plan (aerial photo) with 0.25 metre contours to assess potential dam dimensions. Investigate the dam site for soil profiles to determine clay quality and quantity and depth to impervious layer.

Dam Design
Design the dimensions and type of the dam wall, pipe through wall, channel spillways, storage area and fetch and draft plans and specifications to gain quotes for construction.

Dam Specifications for Construction
The plans and written specifications detail all the information that is required for the “request for quotation” (RfQ) process.
RfQ process
Usually provide three to five competent contractors to provide a written quote to construct the dam to the specifications. The process usually takes four to six weeks to complete.
Contractor selection
The choice of contractor is done in consultation with the owner by a series of meetings with the contractors to examine the quotes.
The selected contractor is asked to provide a contract for the job.

Construction Supervison
Slade Ag Tech can provide partial or full supervision of the dam construction. This can be undertaken on and hourly rate or under a contract. Minimum fee $2000. Contract rate 6% of cost of dam.